High Tech Authentication

A new portable radio frequency identification tagging device will be in place for a major sports memorabilia show in Dallas this weekend.

Prova Group, Inc. has selected Sirit’s Plug-n-Play SDIO reader as the RFID platform for their sports memorabilia authentication application. The portable reader solution was used this weekend at the Football Spectacular Show, a large sports collectibles exhibition this weekend at the Dallas Convention Center.

Watch coverage of the show from CBS 11 TV in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Prova’s authentication application is designed to prevent counterfeiting of all types of collectibles, utilizing the SDIO Plug-n-Play reader operating at 13.56 MHz and ISO 15693 RFID tags. Each tag is assigned a unique identity associated with the signed collectible which is then registered in Prova’s secure database creating an undisputable authentication record for present and future owners. Authentication is done immediately after the auograph is signed to prevent fraud.

Prova will use the "mobile authentication" system for the first time during autograph sessions at this weekend’s Football Spectacular Show featuring former NFL stars Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Gayle Sayers, Earl Campbell, Thurman Thomas and others.

The Prova system records the exact time of the signature, the celebrity’s secure identification code and where the signature occurred. Prova had been using a less portable RFID device in its cutting-edge authentication process. "Moving to the Sirit reader brings mobility and flexibility of use, easier tag reading, and it lowers our costs for implementation and set-up," Charles Humphreyson, CEO of Prova Group, Inc. said in a news release.

"We are excited about Prova selecting our reader for this application," stated Tony Sabetti, vice president, RF Solutions for Sirit Inc. "This is the type of implementation that hits the sweet spot for our Plug-n-Play products. These cost-effective readers can turn everyday tools such as smartphones, PDAs, handheld computers and laptop PCs into mobile RFID devices. Couple that with the iPAQ’s wireless communications capability and you have a very useful, real-time adaptation of RFID technology."

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