Hidden Talent: Florida Man a Top Notch Sports Artist

John Prince used to draw a little bit growing up in the UK, but he wasn’t very impressed by his own work.  Patience was one problem.  He just didn’t have very much of it.

Artist John Prince paints Cal RipkenHe grew up, moved to the U.S., and had a daughter.  A little interior decorating on  her walls revealed that he actually was a pretty good artist. One thing led to another and pretty soon he was putting paint to canvas, capturing sports stars in a unique style that would seem to lend itself almost perfectly to trading cards.

Even without seeing his paintings on cardboard, John is doing pretty well.  His art has helped open doors to some of those stars.  He’s met many of them and donated some of his works to the players’ charitable causes.  The autographed paintings were then sold at auction.

The 43-year-old Tampa area resident is a professional landscaper by trade, but his real passion now is art.  Check out the story from Tampa’s ABC affiliate.

See more of John’s work here.