HBO Show Will Feature Sports Auction Scene

An upcoming episode of HBO’s popular show ‘Entourage’ will include a sports memorabilia auction scene featuring the staff of Memory Lane Inc.

Sports memorabilia is getting some Hollywood exposure this summer. There’s a movie being shot that’s based around an old man and his T206 card. Now, HBO’s show ‘Entourage’ is featuring an auction scene.

The show was shot in the Los Angeles area in May. Staff and props from Memory Lane Auctions of Tustin, California were used to create the feel of a live sports memorabilia auction.

The plot is under wraps until the episode airs Sunday night, July 22 but according to MLI marketing coordinator Roger Cameron, a couple of the show’s main characters are involved in pursuing a key sports memorabilia piece from a famous boyhood hero. They discover a live auction is being held and decide to attend.

The show’s producers set up a scene that included a registration area, phone bank for taking bids, a podium for the auctioneer , assistants holding up auction items and bidders with paddles.

MLI gets a major publicity boost for being featured as the auction company. A number of staff members are featured including JP Cohen, Dan Wulkan, Gary Tauscher.

According to Cameron the auction scene is about 4-5 minutes long and features "a great ending".

MLI will conduct a real auction September 14 which will include hundreds of high grade vintage cards and the bat used by Hank Aaron to belt his 704th career home run in 1973.

Hank Aaron game used bat from his 704th home run