Have Faith in the Hobby

In our never-ending quest to find anything relevant written about the sports collectible industry, I’ve often run across stories about the ‘down’ market, how card shops have dried up, etc.

Much of it has some inherent truth, but that makes our industry no different than any other business segment that’s struggling in this economy. When employment rates near or exceed 10%, it’s going to take part of the buying market out of the game. You hope that by the end of the year, things will have turned the corner.

Don’t believe the gloom and doom about the hobby going away for good, though. As long as there are popular spectator sports, fans will want to reach out for a tangible piece that connects them to their team or favorite sport.

High tech gadgetry helps us follow games, but it doesn’t mount on a wall and can’t tell a story. Same goes for video games. People will always want autographs or cards or programs…anything that they can display or use to help them escape for a few minutes.

The market will be there, even if the marketing efforts change. The survivors will learn to adapt to those changes.

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