Has Bobby Thomson’s 1951 ‘Shot’ Jersey Already Been Found?

Dan Scheinman lives in San Francisco so it wouldn’t be a shock to know he’s in the tech industry.  It also wouldn’t be a surprise to know he has a vintage Giants jersey in his collection of baseball memorabilia.  It will definitely open some eyes to know that he might just have one of the post-War game’s most valuable artifacts hanging amid the rest of his stash.  He can’t be 100% certain but odds seem to favor that the jersey hanging amid about 300 others is the one the late Bobby Thomson was wearing when he hit the ‘Shot Heard Bobby Thomson 1951 jersey‘Round the World in October of 1951.

Thomson’s home run won the pennant for the New York Giants in dramatic fashion and propelled him to everlasting fame.  The whereabouts of the ball he hit off Ralph Branca remain a mystery and it would be next to impossible to prove should someone bring forth a claim.  The jersey Thomson was wearing that day is another matter.

You can compare it with photographs and newsreel video.  You can try to authenticate with tagging and style.

But there’s one problem.

Even Bobby Thomson wasn’t totally sure the one he sold to Scheinman in 2005 is the one he wore on that historic day.

Six years of research and fact-finding, however, has led Scheinman–and the auction house that helped facilitate the sale–to believe it’s the real deal.  Paul Lukas talked with this under the radar collector who may own one of sports’ most valuable treasures.