Harper Hounded By Autograph Seekers

A Robin Yount autographed baseball, fully authenticated, generally sells for around $55 on eBay.

Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman autograph cardA Bryce Harper signed baseball sometimes brings three times that much–and more.

What kind of crazy world do we live in when an autograph of a Baseball Hall of Famer with over 3,000 hits isn’t worth as much as one signed by an 18-year-old prospect?

It’s strange but true…and as long as he’s climbing the minor league ladder, there doesn’t seem to be much chance that the clamor will subside when it comes to Harper.

A couple of weeks ago, the number one draft pick was promoted to the Washington Nationals’ AA club at Harrisburg, where a new legion of fans began camping out near the field in hopes of getting him to sign something before the game…or maybe  hang around afterward.

The latter isn’t likely these days as the parent club tries to lessen the demands on the teenager.  That doesn’t mean fans, collectors and some dealers whose motives are a little less pure don’t try to snare one.  The Patriot-News spent an evening at the ballpark to watch the nuttiness unfold.