Hank Presswood Gets Rookie Card–At Age 88

Jackie Robinson had just broken baseball’s color barrier when Hank Presswood was playing shortstop with the Cleveland Buckeyes. 62 years later, he finally has his own rookie card.

2010 Allen and Ginter Hank PresswoodPresswood is featured on the 2010Allen & Ginter set, continuing a Topps tradition of honoring some of those Negro Leaguers who never got a chance to have their own baseball card during the era in which they were active.

While things were looking up for the man Buck O’Neill called “Baby” in the late 1940s, it wasn’t nirvana for black ballplayers.

Baseball was slow to add more African-Americans, but that doesn’t mean Presswood and others don’t have great memories of their ballplaying days.

The release of the Allen & Ginter card means the Chicago resident’s fan mail has definitely picked up.  He’s also busy connecting with kids, according to this feel good story from Nicholas Diunte.