Hall’s Treasure Hunt Unites Present with Past

The Baseball Hall of Fame has a ‘want list’ too. And it doesn’t have to pay a dime to fill it–as long as players are willing.

There’s no way they can display it all but the Baseball Hall of Fame’s quest for important pieces of game-used memorabilia never ends.  No they won’t compete for the hundreds of items for sale each week on eBay, but they’re always looking to the players and teams for donations.

Barry Bonds got plenty of bad pub for a quote many regarded as disrespectful to the Hall. He says it was taken out of context and even the Hall admits Bonds has been intensely interested in the whole process.

"Barry is in a little different category than other players, in that he really has carefully planned how he is going to care for his artifacts," Hall of Fame president Dale Petroskey said this past week. "He has taken it to a new degree."

Vice President Jeff Idelson says most players want to touch and feel the game used bats and equipment used by those who are now Hall of Fame members.