Hall’s Haul: Cooperstown’s New Baseball Memorabilia

Some items that won’t be coming to an auction near you.

History is being written this week in baseball’s postseason, but several historic artifacts from the 2008 Major League Baseball season are already on display at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

The items, which are displayed in the Museum’s Today’s Game exhibit and join dozens of other 2008 artifacts in the Museum’s collection, include:


  • The spikes worn by Derek Jeter when he set the record for most hits at Yankee Stadium, and Jeter’s bat from the final homestand at Yankee Stadium


  • The spikes used by Jose Molina when he hit the last home run at Yankee Stadium, a bat used by the Yankees’ Johnny Damon when he homered during the final game and a ticket from the final game


  • Manny Ramirez‘s batting helmet worn when when Ramirez hit his 500th home run


  • Game balls from Francisco Rodriguez‘s 57th and 58th saves, and the Angels jersey Rodriguez wore when he recorded his record-setting 58th save of the season


  • The jersey worn by John Smoltz when the Braves ace recorded his 3,000th career strikeout


  • Ichiro Suzuki‘s batting helmet from when the Mariners star recorded his 200th hit of the season, tying the all-time record for most consecutive seasons with the two-century mark


  • A stars-and-stripes logo cap worn by the Pirates’ Nate McLouth in honor of the Sept. 11 victims

The Today’s Game exhibit is available for viewing with the purchase of a regular-admission ticket to the Museum.

More 2008 artifacts have just arrived at the Museum and will soon be put on display. Those items include the Giants jersey Tim Lincecum wore in his final start this year; the cap worn by the Yankees’ Mike Mussina during his 20th win of the season; a cap worn by the Yankees’ Joba Chamberlain; a cap and shirt worn by umpire Brian Gorman during the final game at Shea Stadium (Gorman’s father, Tom Gorman, umpired the first game at Shea Stadium); and the bats used by Marlins infielders Jorge Cantu, Mike Jacobs, Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla to hit each player’s 25th homer of the season, marking the first time each member of an infield has totaled 25 homers in one season.

Artifacts from the 2008 postseason are on the way and will be displayed about two weeks after the new World Series winner is crowned.