Hall of Fame Connects With Players at Series

The World Series is more than 100 years old and each game is represented in some way at the Baseball Hall of Fame.  The process of preserving each Series is a little more scientific and calculated these days for the Cooperstown shrine.  They have at least one representative at each game, ready to make a request for an item that might best help tell the story for visitors.

Baseball Hall of FameCommunications Director Brad Horn was on scene at the first two games in San Francisco, much as he has for many memorable moments over the past few years.  It’s a pretty cool job for a 34-year-old guy, but it’s not all fun and games.

Horn talked with the North County Times about the Hall having to compete with players and fans for artifacts, about provenance, about the memorabilia market’s impact and about one player who was so honored by the Hall’s request for one of his game-worn items that he wanted witnesses.

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