Guernsey’s to Auction 1912 Red Sox World Series Trophy

1912 Red Sox World Series trophy For the collector who has everything…except a 96 year-old World Series trophy.

Win a World Series in the first part of the 20th century and you got a hearty congratulations from the league office. Want a trophy? Buy your own.

The Boston Red Sox did just that after winning it all in the 1912 Fall Classic, holding a parade and purchasing a large and handsome sterling silver piece in honor of highly respected teammate and manager Jake Stahl.

The trophy has apparently been in the Stahl family for generations, but Guernsey’s auction house now has it and plans to sell it this summer. No concrete details have been released, but the Guernsey’s website has details on the trophy’s history and confirms it will be one of the few World Series trophies in private hands ever sold.

You can bid on the Yankee Stadium auction, which includes the trophy on eBay.