Griffin Rookie Cards Not As Pricey a Year Later

The sale of the 1/1 National Treasures Blake Griffin rookie card for over $38,000 earlier this month generated some national headlines but it might paint a far too rosy picture for the overall market for the L.A. Clippers’ young superstar.

The average price has actually dropped in recent weeks.

Often times, a player who explodes onto the scene–especially in a flashy sort of way like Griffin did–attracts some non-traditional buyers.  Fans and casual collectors get caught up in the hype and decide to plunk down good money on a signed rookie card, hoping not to miss out.  A year later, the focus among collectors shifts to the latest sensation.

Juan Martinez spent the first couple of weeks of the new year sorting through the numbers and also says if you’re willing to take the time to bargain hunt, it might be a decent time to catch some Griffin rookie cards at a reasonable price with an eye on the future.  Read his story here.