Great Story: Ellis Valentine Gets Long Lost Jerseys Back

He hit the first home run at Olympic Stadium in Montreal.  He was known for having one of baseball’s best throwing arms.  He was a member of a young, ultra-cool Expos’ outfield lineup that featured future Hall of Famer Andre Dawson and Warren Cromartie.  Ellis Valentine is fondly remembered by fans, even though his career was a big Expos game worn jersey Ellis Valentine1977 Topps Ellis Valentineenigmatic and he battled substance abuse for part of his career.

Clean and sober for 25 years, Valentine now works as a counselor in Dallas.  He was missing two links to his baseball career, though.  Two game-worn jerseys he’d entrusted to someone several years ago vanished.

Valentine, who is active on Twitter and has his own website, posted a Tweet months ago, hoping someone might know where they were.

A man on the west coast contacted his brother, Harrisburg TV sports anchor Jason Bristol, who went to work trying to track down the man with whom Valentine had left those jerseys.

Watch the story below.

Valentine, by the way, once went to work at the Phoenix airport for $4.25 an hour after his playing days, just so he could learn what going to a normal job every day meant.

He has a mini shop on his website where you can buy signed copies of his baseball cards and other memorabilia.


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