Gold Ticket Redemptions Part of Topps’ 2012 Promo Push

Topps continues to release some of the promotions surrounding the release of its first 2012 baseball product of the year next Wednesday.  The company says it will insert ten “Gold Ticket” redemptions into boxes of packs that are good for a ‘gold-infused’ official Major League Baseball autographed by three of the game’s all-time great home run hitters:  Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Ken Griffey Jr.

It’s a long shot and you’ll have to buy 2012 Topps baseball hobby boxes to have a chance.  They won’t be appearing in the $19.99 blaster boxes you can find at department stores.

In addition to the 10 Golden Tickets randomly distributed within product, Topps has also included 10 Golden Tickets within the Gold Rush promotional kits being sent to hobby dealers.

MLB announced last year that it had created the gold baseballs via its relationship with Rawlings.

Previously, Topps announced two short print additions; Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes in their new uniforms as well as a redemption set of cards available through a mail-in offer.  The Gold Ticket cards continue Topps’ theme for the upcoming season.   The base set of 330 cards in Series One will include 265 veterans, 30 rookies and various leader and highlight cards.  Hobby boxes pre-sold are being offered for around $55-65 on eBayand seem to be selling well.