Gibson Still Amazed at Auction Results

Not everyone can dip into their storage unit and find a million dollars worth of stuff to sell.

Not everyone is responsible for one of baseball’s most memorable moments.

Kirk Gibson signed game used items 1988 World SeriesThe bat Kirk Gibson was swinging, the jersey and helmet he was wearing and his 1988 National League MVP award were among the items that out of storage and into an auction earlier this fall.  He signed the jersey, bat and helmet before turning them over to SCP Auctions.

The end result was a windfall for Gibson’s foundation, set up to help students pay for college.

A father-son collecting team from California bought the items to add to their already impressive stash of baseball memorabilia.  Bidding went on into the wee hours of the morning.

Gibson talked with the Detroit News and said he had no regrets about parting with the items–and what he was doing while the auction was going on.