Giants the Most Bargain Priced 2-Time Series Champ?

With their World Series sweep of the Tigers Sunday night, the Giants became the first National League team to win two titles in three years since the Big Red Machine in the mid-1970s.  That team was stacked with future Hall of Famers and superstars.  Johnny Bench.  Pete Rose.  Joe Morgan.  Tony Perez.  The Giants have Buster, Marco, Pablo and Sergio.


Well, maybe you know Buster Posey.  You might have a Tim Lincecum rookie card somewhere.  But this team is not exactly filled with guys who make collectors dig deep into their wallets.  In fact, they might just be the most bargain-priced two-time in three years World Series championship team ever.

Want a Pablo Sandoval rookie card?  You know, the World Series MVP?  It won’t cost you much. You”ll likely pay less than $5 for a 2006 Bowman Heritage.

The average selling price for a Buster Posey autographed item over the last two months?  $81, a figure skewed by high dollar sales of short printed, autographed rookie cards.  Despite owning two World Series rings now, Posey’s stuff sells for less than teenage phenom Bryce Harper.

Harper tweeted after the game, “Congrats to the Giants on winning the World Series! Much deserved to a great group of guys!”

You have the feeling he might win a couple before he’s through (unless they shut down Stephen Strasburg again), but Harper, Mike Trout and other up and comers completely overshadowed Posey despite the latter’s likely MVP season.  Sure there are some low print run autographed Posey rookies that bring good money (like this BGS 10 2008 Bowman Chrome rookie that sold earlier for $800).  As a whole, though, he’s still a hobby bargain for now.

Sergio Romo will soon be making big money as a closer somewhere after taking over for the injured Brian Wilson this year and earning several post-season saves.  Romo’s 2008 Bowman Chrome rookie runs less than $5.

Lincecum still commands some respect but prices and interest in his rookie cards fell after a rough season in 2012.  Autographed rookie cards of his fellow staff anchor, Matt Cain, who started Game 4 last night, can be had for $30-100.

Dealers and collectors have been thrilled to suddenly see interest from Giants fans and Bay Area dealers for Marco Scutaro’s 2002 SP Authentic autographed cards.  They’re thrilled to find buyers for his unsigned rookies, relegated to the common box for years.

Inevitably, the post-Series rush will result in autograph deals for many of the team’s heroes from the Series and prices will climb. was already touting Giants signed merchandise in a bold, banner headline in the minutes after Miguel Cabrera struck out.