Giants Stadium Sale Underway

It’s been a bad fifteen months for old New York area athletic fields. Giants Stadium is the latest to have a date with the wrecking ball but first…the now traditional seat and memorabilia sale.

Shea Stadium. Yankee Stadium. Now, it’s football’s turn to claim another long-time home for New York sports teams.

Giants Stadium is scheduled to be demolished this year as the two local NFL teams take up residence in a brand new stadium next door to the facility in New Jersey.

Like the two baseball parks, the stadium will be parted out to collectors and fans. Seats went on sale this week for $499. Pieces of turf are being cut up for use in commemorative plaques and more practical things. Later, Steiner Sports will conduct an auction of some of the more unique, expensive or one-of-a-kind pieces from the Stadium like lockers, signs and the goal posts.

The Jets and Giants are hoping to earn enough from the memorabilia sale to pay for demolition costs and maybe have a little left over. Former players showed up to kick off the festivities. Mark Gastineau, OJ Anderson, Joe Morris, Bruce Harper and Wayne Chrebet were on hand. So was WPIX-TV which filed this report: