Giants Renaissance Rekindled Collecting Spark

He lives in Utah now, but John Mijares grew up in Northern California during the 1960s.  Mays. McCovey.  Marichal.  Candlestick Park’s swirling winds that once knocked Stu Miller off the pitcher’s mound.

vintage baseball card collection When you were a baseball fan and had a pro baseball team to follow, you naturally gravitated toward the neighborhood grocery or drug store to buy a pack or three of baseball cards.  The pink slab of bubble gum, sometimes soft, sometimes not.  The crisp, color images and the stats and little cartoons helped bring the players from every big league team to life.

Life, however, took over for most 1960s kids.  Most drifted away from their childhood hobby to go to high school and maybe college too.  They got married, had kids and their connection to baseball was never as strong again.

Mijares was no different, but then the Giants of Sandoval and Posey and Cain and Lincecum ignited the fire again.  An avid runner, he found collecting fun again as he chased after whatever he wanted.

At age 57, he once again spends time looking at cardboard.  The Herald-Journal of Logan, UT has a profile and a few photos.