Getting Own Football Card Special for Jags Fan

He’s nuts about those guys on Topps’ football cards. Now, he’s got one of his own–even if the nearest pack of cards is thousands of miles away.

Mark Middlebrook serves his country as a U.S. Army Specialist in Iraq.

On Sundays, he serves up extreme loyalty to his Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Florida native is one of a small number of individual servicemen honored with their own football card in the 2008 Topps issue.

Middlebrook was one of 11 people selected to be an Armed Forces Fan of the Game, a tribute by the trading card company to members of the military. It’s given the 23-year-old a certain level of fame, at least among card collectors, at least a few of which are his colleagues in the Army.

The Florida Times-Union has the story of a guy who could probably teach those NFL guys a thing or two about toughness.

An LSU student was one of the other 11 picks.

Gabriel Bird received a box of cards with his face representing the Saints, but that was too long for his eager parents to wait. “As soon as the set came out, I started looking on eBay,” his father said.

Read his story in the pages of the proud local paper.