Georgia Dealer Now Faces Lawsuit Over Prints

Today’s technology is making it easier than ever to sell reproductions that look a  lot like the real thing.  Knock-off photos, counterfeit sports cards and especially posters and lithographs.

Serious collectors usually know the difference between a copy and the real deal, especially if autographs are involved.  A copied print won’t show the tell-tale signs of a Sharpie or other type of felt-tip pen.  No matter how good the copy might be, if you’ve seen enough of them, it’s not hard to tell the difference.

Tell that to the die-hard fans who get ripped off when someone takes advantage of the digital age or makes friends with an unscrupulous printer.

Yesterday, we showed you an Atlanta Fox TV affiliate’s encounter with a suddenly mum dealer of college sports prints after its investigative team caught him selling something that an unknowing customer says was nothing but a copy of a multi-autographed Georgia Southern athletics poster.

On Tuesday, the station followed up with a local artist who says the same dealer has been making money off of his prints…by copying them and adding fake numbers of the limited edition work.  Watch below:

I-Team: Fake Sports Memorabilia – Part 2: