Gators to Tebow: No Autographs

Think your mailbox is full this time of year? Try having Tim Tebow’s.

Since he took over as starting quarterback for Florida in his freshman year, Gators’ quarterback Tim Tebow has been a popular target for UF fans, Mrs. Tebow wannabes, autograph collectors and–of course–autograph dealers hoping to cash in on a future superstar.

Since the multi-talented and immensely popular Tebow won the Heisman Trophy earlier this month, it’s gotten out of hand–at least according to the university. The school has placed a note on its web site admitting it has told Tebow to ignore all of the autograph requests:

With Tim Tebow winning the 2007 Heisman Trophy, Tim has been inundated with requests for autographs. The University Athletic Association has asked Tim not to fulfill these autograph requests due to their overwhelming number, which compromises his ability to handle his rigorous schedule as a successful student-athlete.

In an attempt to meet the demand for autographed items and be sensitive to Tim and his family, the UAA has produced a signed poster commemorating Tim winning the Heisman Trophy. This item is free and will be available to the general public beginning mid January 2008. This item is not to be sold. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we seek to ensure this young man’s continued success at the University of Florida.