Garage Sale ‘Find’ Now in Dispute

The aspiring female boxer who told a local TV station she bought a LeBron James pendant in a box of ‘junk’ a few years ago only to discover it was worth much more than the $5 she paid, says she was forced to give it back to a group that represents James’ marketing interests.

LeBron James pendantWadsworth, Ohio police have told local media that Vaneisha Robinson is among the persons of interest in what is now being considered a case of stolen property.

Robinson says she wore the pendant until recently, when she  decided to see what it might actually be worth.  An appraisal by the International Gemological Institute revealed that the diamond-studded piece made of 14-karat gold was indeed the real deal real and worth close to $10,000.

Robinson then put the item up for sale on eBay and was contacted by WEWS-TV which told the story  earlier this week.

However, the publicity apparently caught the eye of Maverick Carter, head of James’ marketing group.   Robinson claims representatives of Carter’s group asked to meet with her and she was under the assumption that they wanted to buy it.  Instead, she says, a group of about “eight or nine” people forced her to give it up.  The parties apparently argued loud enough that a neighbor called 911.

A police sergeant told the TV station that he has determined the one-of-a-kind pendant did, in fact, belong to Carter at some point.   Now, they’re trying to determine how Robinson wound up with it.

But if she knew it was stolen property, why would she welcome publicity?  It would appear both sides could be telling the truth.

Robinson told WEWS that the pendant is rightfully hers, that she gave it up only out of fear and vowed to take Carter to court if necessary.

“The pendant is mine.  It belongs to me.  I want it back,” she said.

Here’s the original listing on eBay.