Game-Used Yankees Gloves Found at Sporting Goods Store

Alex Rodriguez glove found at California sporting goods store A southern California truck driver goes into a Play it Again Sports shop for some socks and comes out with four actual Major League gloves–two Alex Rodriguez models. Real ones.

It was Mark Webb’s lucky day. A crazy bit of justice maybe for a decade spent in the minor leagues without a sniff of the bigs.

He stopped into a local sporting goods store for some socks. Wandering by the used baseball gloves, he spotted four really nice ones for sale. Turns out they were more than just high quality reproductions.

But how in the world did some actual Yankee gloves wind up there? If you read nothing else on today, take five minutes to devour this crazy tale.

After the story was published, the gloves sold late last week on eBay…for over $10,000 combined.



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