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Fun With Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks

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The list of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks is growing. We've got lists and trivia out the wazoo...even a link to some Super Bowl championship memorabilia and 2008 Super Bowl tickets and Super Bowl ticket packages.

Going to the Super Bowl, is of course, the ultimate trip for any sports fan. Not everyone is so lucky, but collectors who like 'themes' usually love the Super Bowl.

You can chase autographs of the Super Bowl MVPs dating back to Bart Starr and Len Dawson, both of whom are, thankfully, still around and quite active. 21 of the 41 Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks. Joe Montana leads the way with three.

You can grab a run of Super Bowl ticket stubs and even unused tickets or game programs. You can collect cards or autographs from quarterbacks who have won the Super Bowl. It's a once-in-a-career accomplishment for some players. For others, it gets to be habit--and a ticket to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

'Super Bowl winning quarterback' is a phrase that can make a player's entire career.

A few facts about the men under center who have squared off in the big game through the years.

  • QBs who have won 4 Super Bowls: Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana
  • Youngest QB ever to start a Super Bowl: Tom Brady
  • Oldest QB ever to start a Super Bowl: John Elway (38)
  • Youngest combined age of Super Bowl quarterbacks: 51 (Super Bowl XXXI: Brett Favre and Drew Bledsoe AND Super Bowl XIX: Joe Montana and Dan Marino
  • Oldest combined age of Super Bowl quarterbacks: 71 (Super Bowl XXXVII: Brad Johnson & Rich Gannon AND Super Bowl XXXIII: Elway and Chris Chandler

Here's a list of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks (we think it's easier to read without the Roman numerals).

  • 1 Bart Starr
  • 2 Bart Starr
  • 3 Joe Namath
  • 4. Len Dawson
  • 5. John Unitas
  • 6. Roger Staubach
  • 7. Bob Griese
  • 8. Bob Griese
  • 9. Terry Bradshaw
  • 10. Terry Bradshaw
  • 11. Ken Stabler
  • 12. Roger Staubach
  • 13. Terry Bradshaw
  • 14. Terry Bradshaw
  • 15. Jim Plunkett
  • 16. Joe Montana
  • 17. Joe Theismann
  • 18. Jim Plunkett
  • 19. Joe Montana
  • 20. Jim McMahon
  • 21. Phil Simms
  • 22. Doug Williams
  • 23. Joe Montana
  • 24. Joe Montana
  • 25. Jeff Hostetler
  • 26. Mark Rypien
  • 27. Troy Aikman
  • 28. Troy Aikman
  • 29. Steve Young
  • 30. Troy Aikman
  • 31. Brett Favre
  • 32. John Elway
  • 33. John Elway
  • 34. Kurt Warner
  • 35. Trent Dilfer
  • 36. Tom Brady
  • 37. Brad Johnson
  • 38. Tom Brady
  • 39. Tom Brady
  • 40. Ben Roethlisberger
  • 41. Peyton Manning
  • 42. Eli Manning
  • 43. Ben Roethlisberger
  • 44. Drew Brees
  • 45. Aaron Rodgers
  • 46. Eli Manning



  1. I think on of the most amazing stats not mentioned is that Joe Montana won Superbowls 8 years apart. That says a lot about the coaches and the quarterback (plus Jerry Rice of course!) because teams change a lot of players over that kind of a time period in football.

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