From Hot to Not: Dealers Dealing With Vick Fallout

He was once the hottest selling player in the NFL. Now, Michael Vick is a hot potato for shop owners, even in his native state. They’re taking a bath on what was once a solid investment.

One guilty plea equals thousands of dollars in lost sales for retailers and dealers who had an inventory of Michael Vick memorabilia.

Vick’s involvement in dogfighting and the likelihood that he won’t see an NFL playing field for at least two years have sucked the life out of a once flourishing market, especially in Virginia.

Dealers in Vick’s home state are having to eat plenty of merchandise, including some expensive autographed pictures and posters. It seems they couldn’t get it off the shelf fast enough to please those who were more than mildly disgusted by the dogfighting/killing the once-popular quarterback was involved in.

"We’re getting a lot of negative feedback," said one. "We don’t want customers getting upset because we have his jerseys."

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