Free Tool Puts eBay on Your Calendar

Forget to bid? Always missing the stuff you want? Help may have arrived.

A new tool that allows eBay buyers to monitor ongoing auctions from inside their electronic calendars has been launched.

bidCal is aimed at auction watchers who want to put their favorite searches inside a "to do" type list on their desktop calendar. Members can create a search for items (for example "1957 Topps Mickey Mantle") on the bidCal site, then feed them into their calendar with one click.

Bidders simply select “Add to Calendar” and any item that is matched against your filter criteria will then be visible in your calendar. It provides bidders with a near real-time stream of the current bid price, displayed as an event at the precise time of the auction’s close.

Based in Canada,Calgoo was formed in January 2006 to exploit the untapped opportunities in social networking and online advertising arising from incompatible desktop and online calendars. The eBay tool is the latest in their line of calendar integrations, aimed at the 300 million+ desktop and web calendar users.