Fox TV Station Investigates Fake Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards

You might remember the story about the New Jersey collectors who bought what they thought was a pair of 1951 Bowman MIckey Mantle cards from a local baseball card shop but later found them to be counterfeit.

The story continues with New York TV station’s investigative reporter.

If you’re considering an investment in Mickey Mantle rookie cards, you might want to consult someone with knowledge of the 1951 Bowman issue before taking the plunge.

Two counterfeit cards, made to look old, were passed from a consignor to a Hackensack, New Jersey sports card shop owner. He apparently didn’t know they were fakes. Neither did the guy who bought them with a friend for $4500. A dispute ensued with the shop owner refusing to refund the customers’ cash.

One of the collectors, Tim Tarrant, has filed a lawsuit against the shop and he also contacted Fox 5 TV’s investigative tiger, Arnold Diaz who took on the case, confirmed the unfortunate diagnosis and confronted the shop owner.