Forbes Blog: Hobby Needs Cleaning

Sports fans are often collectors too.  They may know sports, but sometimes that knowledge isn’t quite as deep when it comes to the collecting side.

While saving stuff might be a kick, there’s enough questionable activity out there to attract the attention of the FBI.

That’s a good thing according to Wayne McDonnell.  He’s a clinical associate professor of sports management at New York University and writes a sports business blog for

While his recent column expressing that “the average attendee (at the National Sports Collectors Convention) spent “hundreds upon thousands of dollars” may be a little bizarre unless the syntax isn’t quite right, he’s pullilng no punches.

McDonnell came away from the National shocked at the inscription prices being charged by autograph guests and says the h0bby is “inundated with a morally bankrupt cast of characters”.


Read what else he had to say.