Follow New eBay Rules: Make More Money

eBay is offering sellers of sports cards and memorabilia a test. Pass it with your listings and you’ll have more success than the next guy.

eBay has released details on how its "Best Match" search function will sort results beginning this week.

In July the company announced plans to refine and improve the technology for surfacing the most relevant, best-quality listings at the top of search results. While unique items probably won’t be affected, anyone selling sports cards and memorabilia and facing competition from other sellers on a regular basis should pay close attention.

The computer generated "best match" results will favor sellers who follow eBay’s guidelines by placing their results near the top, increasing exposure.

In short, fixed price listings that offer free shipping to buyers will gain favor. Sellers who place items in the right category and use accurate, relevant titles will get a boost as will sellers who have been rated highly by previous buyers. Try to take advantage of buyers by charging an excessive amount for shipping and you’ll wind up at the bottom of the search results.

Selling internationally is a good move, according to eBay.

Generally, the guidelines are fairly straightforward and spelled out in this article. It’s worth a read if you sell items through the online auction giant on a regular basis.