Florist Helps Preserve Old Yankee Stadium

What’s a piece of baseball memorabilia without your local FTD representative?

If you paid well into seven figures to own the rights to everything inside Yankee Stadium, you don’t let anything get away.

That includes the turf in the once-remodeled and now defunct House That Ruth Built. Once the memorabilia harvesting in the old ballpark began, one of the more challenging aspects was turning small pieces of grass into something marketable. It took some research and creativity, but the Yankees and Steiner Sports figured out a way to do it.

The process involved a sod farm–and a florist.

Not just any florist, mind you. It had to be one certified in freeze-drying, because that little 3-inch piece of the park that fans are buying at $100 a pop wouldn’t look good if it were brown and, well, dead.

Enter Forever in Bloom, a Mount Kisco, New York flower shop. Even if you’re not someone who believes it’s really baseball memorabilia, the process is pretty interesting. Yankee fan and freeze drying specialist Shelly Andreades tells how it’s done.