Florida Woman Wins Panini Contest

A Florida phys ed teacher didn’t need to open a bunch of packs to try and find a Super Bowl themed prize-winning card. She already had it as part of her big Peyton Manning stash.

A collector from Florida got to have her football card cake…and eat it too.

Panini put out a bounty valued at more than $1,500 for the collector who could pull the NFL Limited 2009 Pro Bowl Combo Materials card featuring Super Bowl quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Drew Brees (sequentially numbered #44 of 100).

With a week left before the offer expired, collector Dawn McNew of Lehigh Acres, Fla., contacted the Panini offices to let them know the card was already part of her 1,000+ card Peyton Manning card collection.

“I am a huge, huge Peyton Manning fan and I only collect Peyton Manning cards, which is how I ended up with the card. I simply collect as many Peyton Manning cards as possible,” admitted McNew.

Dawn McNew “I saw the offer advertised on the Panini website and since I knew I had two versions of that card, I thought it would be worth checking my collection to see if I had #44. It was surely a great feeling to see one of my cards with the sequential numbering #44/100.”

In all, the physical education teacher at LehighSenior High School, estimates her Manning card collection to exceed 1,000 different cards, including two of the Manning-Brees Pro Bowl Material cards. An Indiana native who moved to Florida seven years ago, she purchased the #44/100 Manning-Brees card for $11 on Nov. 12 on eBay where she does most of her collecting. She also shops at NASCAR Sports & Collectibles in BonitaSprings, Fla.

“When Dawn admitted that she was unsure if she wanted to part with the #44/100 version because it was part of her Manning collection, we knew she was a true collector and exemplified everything great about collecting,” admits Scott Prusha, Marketing Manager for Panini. “As a result, we decided to amend the bounty and return card #44/100 to her along with the year supply of Panini NFL cards and an exclusive Manning-Brees #1 of 1.”

The Manning-Brees card, a part of the Pro Bowl Combo Materials insert set in Panini’s 2009 Limited NFL brand, was released in October. It has a limited print run of just 100 sequentially numbered cards, and according to Beckett, is valued at $20. The offer, made by Panini on January 27, remained open to collectors until the opening kick-off of Super Bowl 44 on Sunday..

“From the hundreds of emails we received about this offer and the response on chat boards, blogs and websites, it is apparent that collectors had fun with this bounty,” said Prusha. “We’re so pleased that we will be able to reward a collector for their support of Panini NFL cards.”

2009 Limited on eBay