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Florida Trip Turns into Autograph Bounty

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Just when you think America's attics and closets have surrendered all of the treasures they hold comes another story of discovery.

Ernie Davis signed memorabilia Jim BrownJim Stinson, a full-time autograph dealer since the 1980s, is based in Utah.  He knows he has to get out and see other parts of the country to find some fresh inventory, though.

A recent trip to Jacksonville, Fla., was supposed to be a one-week stop.

It went into overtime.

Apparently, northeastern Florida is a happy hunting ground.  Stinson met with folks who told him--and showed him--some valuable older autographs and collections, many of which he is taking home with him.

The Jacksonville Times-Union caught up to him to talk about all kinds of autographs and exactly what was walking in the door.

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