Florida Sports Card Show Shutting Down?

After 64 events, a long-running Florida sports card show may be packing up for good.  The Saturday shows at Union Church in Ormond Beach will come to an end on Saturday Dealer's table at sports card show in Germanyaccording to a local newspaper.  Economic realities, a nearby card shop stocking more items and a dearth of new collectors has meant more dealers in the room than buyers at times, according to organizers.  The explosion of online buying, selling and trading probably hasn’t helped.

The long-running show may have its 64th and final gathering Saturday at Ormond Beach Union Church.

A former local card shop owner has been holding the shows periodically since 1998.  Jeff Boyle has sold his shop, though, and is hoping perhaps someone else can pick up the baton and maybe do a show at a hotel sometime in the future.

Vendor, Mike Setaro, who has participated in the small show for 12 years says the number of trading card fans in the area has thinned.

“There’s not a bunch of collectors in the area,” he said. “It’s just us — the dealers.”

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