Flipping Ticket Stubs to Citi Field Opener

One enterprising dealer was buying Mets’ opening day ticket stubs in hopes of re-selling them as the club launched its new era at Citi Field.

It had been over 45 years since the last time the New York Mets christened a new ballpark, so there was a bit of history in the air when the team played its 2009 home opener at the brand new Citi Field on Monday.

While the sale of the last remnants of Shea Stadium continues, artifacts from the first game at the new abode were in some demand.

John DeLuca, who operates an eBay store, was standing near the gates, trying to find fans willing to part with their ticket stub. His goal was to buy low and sell high–or higher if he could find some candidates for PSA’s ticket grading service.

DeLuca –and a few other enterprising souls–found some takers according to a blog post in the New York Times.

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