Fleer’s Cosmic Pro Visions

It was a time when cardboard was cardboard.  Card shops were everywhere. So were shows.  Against such a backdrop came Fleer, looking for an edge in its competition with Topps, Donruss and Upper Deck.  Game worn swatches had yet to make their way into packs, most of which were still well under a buck.  So whatever innovations were made, came in the design of the cards themselves.

Fleer got the idea to bring modern art to a subset of cards.  The idea raised eyebrows in the early 1990s.  These were no classic portraits.  Using player nicknames and characteristics as inspiration, Pro Visions were born. It was one of the signature sets in the mostly forgettable 1990s Fleer sports card issues.

They hung around for several years.  While the early years were relatively tame, it’s those later issues that were a little…well…out there.

Jon Bois of SB Nation takes a humorous look back at, dare we say, a ‘nostalgic’ set?