Super Bowl 46 Program is 246 Pages

You don’t have to spend $2,500 on a ticket to buy the official Super Bowl 46 program.  The NFL has continued its tradition of offering a Super size program for Super Sunday this year and as in recent years, you could find them online at least a week before kickoff.

Program Super Bowl XLVIThe league has partnered with H.O. Zimman to publish this year’s program, producing the “early edition” that’s distributed nationwide, for $9.95 as well as a “stadium edition” that includes a holographic cover and is updated to showcase the Giants and Patriots at an $18.95 price level.

The program is a whopping 264 pages of features, insights, and history.  There are a variety of stories and summaries from the 2011 NFL season and information on the two teams battling for the championship including scouting reports, rosters, records, stats, and the road taken to this year’s Super Bowl.

Programs have shown up on eBay and some are also available via

It’s not likely collectors and fans will see much appreciation in terms of the value of the Super Bowl 46 program.  Most of those issued after the mid-1980s can be found online for less than $25.  The most valuable Super Bowl programs are those from the early games in the late 1960s through the 1970s. Some are more scarce than others due to weather conditions and number printed. High grade programs from the first five games can sell for $200-400.