Financial Writer Tackles Strasburg Rookies

With the stock market riding a roller coaster and the economy muddling along, some are turning to ‘alternative investments’.

2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg 'red' autographed cardBaseball cards are a little off the beaten path, but some of the high-grade vintage material has done pretty well when matched up with other supposedly ‘strong and steady’ investments.

The fact that some are willing to fork over as much or more for modern era rookie cards is another matter.  Limited?  Yes.  You can’t get any more limited than 1 of 1.  But, of course, the level of speculation is higher by leaps and bounds when you’re talking unproven player.

It’s why few recommend cards or most other types of collectibles as investments.  ‘Buy what you like’ is always a good motto.

Yet the attention given to Stephen Strasburg’s skyrocketing rookie cards has caught the eye of some in the financial world and it’s fun to get their take.

Zac Bissonnette has a few opinions that he shares on AOL’s Daily Finance.