Final Notes Before We Go All Jingle Bells on You

End of an era…and other stuff.

Our friend Ben Henry put the wraps on his Baseball Card Blog this month with an exhaustive, but well-received grand finale. He recited Casey at the Bat using baseball cards. Very creative. We’ll miss Ben, who was really the first guy to blog about baseball cards on a regular basis.

Topps has added additional content to its 2008 Bowman Sterling Baseball release.

As a bonus, each 4-box case will include a special redemption card for a (1) exclusive 2009 World Baseball Classic Patch Card. Because the Classic will not be played until March 2009, all subjects will be TBD.

Topps holds the exclusive rights to produce trading cards of players participating in the 2009 World Baseball Classic. Each 5-card pack of 2008 Bowman Sterling Baseball includes (2) Autographs, (1) Relic or Autographed Relic, (1) Rookie and (1) Prospect. Bowman Sterling hits hobby shelves next week.

Dave Bing, the former Detroit Pistons guard, is running for mayor of Detroit which means he has to reveal his finances. He’s doing well as a businessman, but not exactly raking in dough from autograph deals (although we’re guessing he just doesn’t pursue them. He sure doesn’t need the money). The Detroit News says Bing earned about $39,000 in "consulting fees" and for signing memorabilia last year.

Sports Collectors Daily is on the road for the holidays. We’re actually in Wisconsin, where winter is already in full bloom. Baseball season seems like a really long way off. Had a smooth flight from Columbus, OH where the airport was strangely quiet. Not so in Chicago and with ice across the southern part of the Midwest, I’m guessing travel today is a nightmare. -3 in Green Bay last night. A Packers win over the Bears would have warmed things up for fans here, but instead they feel like they’re living the NFL’s version of groundhog day. What a bizarre season.

Hey…Green Bay: It might not be a bad idea to put lights in your rental car lot.

Wednesday’s update will be the final edition for this week. We hope all of you have a great holiday and want to thank you for your ongoing support of Sports Collectors Daily.