Final 2006 Donruss Football Product Will Be National Treasures

Playoff National Treasures Jim Brown card Super premium products are still the rage among modern sports card collectors, and if you want to collect the last Donruss Playoff product of the 2006-07 football season, start saving your money. It’s almost here.

Thomas Edison and Thomas Jefferson will join Vince Young and Johnny Unitas in the National Treasures autograph and memorabilia card set, set for release just days before Super Bowl XLI.

Packs will feature seven cards total with six of them being either autograph or memorabilia cards according to the company.

The set will consist of 100 base cards, numbered to 125 each. The base set also includes ten different parallels with various swatches of equipment and autographs. The set is heavy on Hall of Famers from the distant and recent past including Jim Thorpe, Red Grange, Otto Graham, Johnny Unitas, Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, John Elway, Gale Sayers, Bart Starr, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Bronko Nagurski, Ernie Nevers, George Halas, Sammy Baugh, and several others.

"We spent over a year designing this program," said Donruss Playoff Senior Football Brand Manager Ben Ecklar. "Everything had to be just right before National Treasures was ready for release."

"We listened to the feedback and knew that to make this work, we had to have an emphasis on high-end autographs," adds Ecklar. "We guarantee that at least three of the cards in the box will come autographed by these historical figures or the top past and present NFL players."

Donruss Playoff exhausted all sources and spent countless hours acquiring and authenticating the cut signatures. The program will include autographs from historic figures such as Thomas Edison and Mother Teresa, as well as early presidents such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Collectors can also find rare autographs of Hall of Famers like Walter Payton, Johnny Unitas and the first autograph/memorabilia cards of legend Otto Graham. This group of deceased Hall of Famers, historical figures and presidents will all be delivered in one product. National Treasures Donruss claims it will also feature more unique game-used cards and more high-end autographs than any program has in history.

Collectors will have the chance to pull i cards from set such as:

Prime Materials NFL Logos Signatures: Featuring the desirable NFL shield swatches combined with signatures from the game’s top stars serial-numbered to 1.

Rookie Signatures Combo Materials: Featuring actual game-used materials from some of the top rookies in the 2006 draft class, this insert delivers two prime swatches with an autograph, each serial-numbered to 99 or less.

NFL Rookies: Building on the model used to create the year’s most popular Rookie Cards to date (Gridiron Gear), each rookie’s card will spell out the words N-F-L-R-O-O-K-I-E-S and come serial-numbered to 80 or less.

Charter Class Cuts: This insert features autographs from the founding members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s initial class of 1963 and come serial-numbered to 50 or less.

Historic Cuts: Highlighting historical world and sports figures, these authentic signature cards feature the likes of Thomas Edison and Mother Teresa.

Historic Cuts – Presidents: This insert highlights some of the most historic names in United States history. These signatures of our founding fathers are a piece of American history and come serial-numbered to 5 or less.

Super Bowls: Features autographs of some of the most memorable match-ups from the first 40 Super Bowls and are serial-numbered to 10 or less.

HOF Greatness Quad Signature Materials Prime: This salute to NFL Hall of Famers will be the ultimate piece for player collectors. Featuring FOUR prime swatches of material and an autograph, these cherished pieces are sequentially numbered to 25 or less.

Playoff National Treasures will go live January 31st with a suggested retail price of $500 per wooden box.

Multiple prime swatch cards will contain three to six memorabilia swatches. National Treasures will be shipped January 22.