Fifth Dealer Pleads Guilty to Selling Bogus Jerseys

A fifth man accused of mail and wire fraud in connection with the sale of fake game worn sports jerseys has pleaded guilty in federal court.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says Bradley Wells, 31, admitted he had obtained “hundreds” of jerseys from 2005-2009 and participated in a scheme with other dealers to buy replica jerseys and alter them so they would appear game worn.   Prosecutors say Wells and the others changed the shape of the jerseys and added patches or other identifiable marks to make them look game worn, thus increasing their value to collectors and others.

Some of the jerseys were sold to trading card manufacturers although it hasn’t been revealed whether any of the swatches cut from those jerseys were ever used on cards.

Doing business as Authentic Sports and Historic Auctions LLC, Wells was indicted last fall along with five other sports memorabilia dealers.  Four others had already pleaded guilty.

Mail fraud carries a maximum 20-year prison term and $250,000 fine.

A sentencing hearing is set for December 14.


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    Fifth Dealer Pleads Guilty to Selling Bogus Jerseys | Sports Collectors Daily | Sports collecting news

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