Did FedEx Throw Away a Super Bowl Jersey?

This story will leave you scratching your head.  A player on the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XLVII team is searching for his jersey from the game, a second game jersey he wore with the Philadelphia Eagles and a signed program after the package they were in disappeared while being shipped by FedEx.  The odd part is what company records are showing Nate Stupar Super Bowl jerseyhappened to the items, an explanation that keeps changing, according to Jason Bristol, a reporter for WHP-TV in Harrisburg, PA, who has been investigating the mystery.

Nate Stupar is a former Penn State player who was trying to ship the jersey and program back to his parents’ house in State College after having them framed at a Harrisburg shop called Stadium Studio last summer.  The two communities are just 86 miles apart. The store has a record of FedEx picking up the package records show it made two stops after leaving Harrisburg.

At first the company claimed it was delivered.

However, Bristol reports that when the items never showed up and Stadium Studio tried to check with FedEx, the status of the package went from ‘refused by recipient’ to ‘damaged’ and ‘unable to deliver’.  At one point, Stadium Studio was even told the package was thrown away because the contents were damaged.

It’s a story anyone who has lost a valuable collection in shipping can identify with, but there’s no replacing these–especially not the Super Bowl game issued jersey. While Stupar wasn’t active that day, his Niners jersey is legit.  If it was stolen somewhere along the way, it hasn’t turned up in the marketplace.

Watch the story  here.


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