Fans Wait Hours for Saints Autographs

How hot are the New Orleans Saints? Fans in another gulf coast town had a shopping mall manager bearing bad news before an autograph session even started.


Is Biloxi, Mississippi considered New Orleans Saints country?

Not much doubt about that after what happened on Tuesday.

Four members of the NFC South champions showed up for a signing session and were greeted by a huge crowd.

Saints fans and collectors got in line early to snare autographs from star receiver Marques Colston, fellow wideout Lance Moore and running backs Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell. "Early" was the key. Many fans who showed up within an hour of the signing session’s start time at Gulf Coast Cards & Sports Memorabilia were out of luck.

Thousands swamped the shopping mall where the store was located after the players’ appearance was advertised. The first people in line had arrived before the mall opened for business that morning.

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