Fans Line Up for Tebow Autographs

Tim Tebow made his first post-collegiate autograph appearance over the weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.

At $160, you might think it would be a tough sell but that wasn’t the case.

Fans lined up early to meet the affable former Gator, bringing footballs, the Tebow jersey, photos and even…a Bible.  Tebow spent about four hours signing according to media reports with several hundred fans and collectors paying for the privelege.

Tebow signed them all, then turned the money over to his foundation benefitting area kids.

During his playing days in Gainesville, Tebow was often mobbed by fans and those looking to make a buck.   This time, his exclusive autograph contract with Palm Beach autographs made it impossible for dealers to make a buck.  Despite his college accomplishments, the jury is still out on whether his skills will transfer well to the NFL.  $160 for a college star is off the charts.

“I wish we could just get all the EBay guys out, that would be great,” Tebow said.

Our buddy Adam Landau at WJXT-TV was there to survey the scene and also caught up with the ’08 Heisman winner.