Fans Flock to Orange Bowl Auction

Orange Bowl stadium auction There were no game-worn 1972 Miami Dolphins jerseys still hanging in the storage closets, but fans and collectors still showed up live–and bid online–in the Orange Bowl stadium auction.

They bought autographed lockers, signs (in English and Spanish), turnstiles, a leftover 1984 Orange Bowl program, seats and fixtures that were better suited to building contractors than collectors.

Two days worth of anything and everything that had been stored in or hung on the Orange Bowl came to an end Sunday with the second day of bidding in Miami.

Mounted Memories conducted the sale that will help pay for the demolition of the city’s first big sports venue.

A locker signed by 25 former Miami Hurricanes brought $2585. Another signed by five Miami national championship quarterbacks (Kosar, Walsh, Erickson, Toretta and Dorsey if you’re scoring at home) sold for $1293.

The Miami Herald has the whole story.

The sale of seats and other Orange Bowl memorabilia continues here.