Fanoculars, Topps Bring Cards to…Binoculars

You’ll soon see Topps sports cards attached to portable binoculars.  Florida-based Fanoculars has announced a new partnership with The Topps Company to put licensed trading card images on its products.

FanOculars are portable binoculars with custom team and player images printed directly on the front and back.   Fans can remove the attached card for trading or keep the product intact and collect them as a series.

A detachable Topps card will be available on the product, which is a lower priced alternative to heavy binoculars. This card will be an authentic release Topps card and licensed from the corresponding league.

“The strongest promotional products are ones that provide a high perceived value to the teams and fans. With the addition of an officially licensed trading card from Topps, I feel we are providing one of the most unique products to the sports market” said FanOculars President David Ballou. “The combination of a Topps trading card and the FanOculars will make for an exciting new product. We’re thrilled to be partnering with such an iconic company as Topps.”

Fanoculars have become a cheaper alternative with fans, many of whom say they own binoculars but don’t want to bring them to a sporting event because of their weight or a fear of losing them.  The exposure of having its products in the hands of fans who may not currently be collectors is attractive to Topps.

“It’s a great way for Topps to stay top of mind among sports fans in a relevant environment”, said Marc Stephens, Sports Marketing Manager.

The new partnership allows FanOculars to market the existing FanOculars brand with this added feature to the vast sports promotional market. FanOculars LLC will use its existing distribution partners to advance the sales to the associate baseball teams and leagues.


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