Fan Trades Freese Home Run Ball for Signed Bat, Ball

The rush for  David Freese’s World Series game-winning home run ball may have looked spontaneous on Thursday night, but Dave Huyette  and his friend Jeremy Reiland (a Cubs fan) had already been making plans.

The duo was sitting in a pair of outfield bleacher tickets they had purchased on StubHub and knew that each batter in the St. Louis Cardinals‘ wild 10-9 win over Texas Rangers in Game 6 of the World Series could be the one to make history.

“Every time there was a chance there could be a walkoff home run, Jeremy reminded me that there was a grassy knoll right next to us,” said Huyette, a 39-year-old radiologist from Maryville, Ill.

Huyette wound up with the baseball…one that could be worth a lot of money if the Cardinals win tonight—and a good sum even if they don’t.  But he decided not to cash in.  The team can be lucky he makes a good living.

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