Fan Gives Record Ball to Hall

A Tampa Bay Rays fan who owned a little piece of baseball history decided to hand it over to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Cortney Taylor was in the right place at the right time.

Watching his hometown Tampa Bay Rays polish off a game seven win over the Red Sox from his seat in the left field stands, Taylor was already feeling good. But when a home run ball headed his way and he escaped with it, euphoria took hold.

The ball itself isn’t exactly six figure material, but it was a pretty important piece of modern day baseball memorabilia. Manny Aybar’s blast helped the Rays to their first World Series and it also represented a new record for most home runs hit by two teams in the playoffs.

After thinking about a trade with Aybar, Taylor had a different idea. And it so happened someone from the Baseball Hall of Fame was ready to pounce.