Family Business Speaks of Suit Against MLB

The family that creates baseball card lots to sell in big league ballparks –and their attorney–talk about their suit against Major League Baseball.

Last week, we brought you the story of HLT&T, the family-owned business that began in the late 1970s with sales of sports cards at flea markets and grew into a major re-seller of team sets and bulk lots.

For most of the last decade, the company has been sorting millions of cards for placement into bricks they sell to specific pro sports teams. The idea is to put Cubs baseball cards into the hands of fans at Wrigley Field; Cardinal cards to Cardinal fans, etc.

It’s proven to be fairly lucrative, but now Major League Baseball has told its concessionaires that selling HLT&T repacks isn’t a good idea. They’ve put the squeeze on the business and HLT&T is now suing. They claim baseball gave them written permission at the start of it all.

Here’s more on the lawsuit courtesy of the Houston Chronicle.