Experts Offer Help for Another Dealer Losing Business to NHL Lockout

It’s not a good time to be a hockey memorabilia shop.  The lockout has fans depressed and not in the mood to add to their collections.  It’s been tough on dealers who buy and sell current hockey cards and memorabilia, a group that includes just about every shop and online seller in Canada.

One shop owner got so fed up he took to YouTube to lambaste the players and owners for not being able to reach a deal that would save some semblance of a season.

Another, Andrew Goldfarb of AJ Sports World, a long-time hobby business based in Ontario that sells signed sports memorabilia, including jerseys, photos, helmets and other items.

He has a store, sells online, in NHL arenas and through the league’s website.  Traffic is down online and customers aren’t buying as much in the shop.  He can’t run auctions in arenas when there are no games and it all adds up to about a 50 percent decrease in sales.

The Toronto Globe and Mail made his business part of their regular feature that calls on business experts to help small businesses figure out ways to succeed.


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