Ex-Trainer Selling Clemens, Pettitte Memorabilia

Brian McNamee insists he was telling the truth about Roger Clemens–and he’s now parting with some autographed memorabilia from his former friend, added his own autograph–and an inscription that references his historic testimony.

At one time, they were probably items Brian McNamee wouldn’t have considered selling at any price. After sparring with Roger Clemens, he was ready to throw them away.

During his time as a trainer for Clemens and other big league players, the New York native was given dozens of pieces of memorabilia.

Then came the questions. McNamee insists he told government investigators and member of Congress the truth. He injected Clemens and Andy Pettitte with performance enhancing drugs during their playing days. Pettitte admitted to using HGH on a couple of occasions, but Clemens says McNamee is lying and Pettitte "misremembers". The disagreement between Clemens and McNamee played out on live television and it’s clear the two no longer are close. McNamee wanted to throw the items away but was convinced by a mutual friend of a sports memorabilia dealer to put them up for sale in hopes of raising money for charity.

He’s now consigned them to SportsWorld in Everett, Massachusetts, which has already placed a few photographs on eBay. The photos include pictures of Clemens, signed "Cy 7" in reference to his seven Cy Young awards. McNamee has also signed the photos with the inscription "Ly 0", to indicate he wasn’t lying when he gave his testimony earlier this year.

Signed photos of Pettitte, Jose Canseco and Jason Grimsley are also on the block, all of them co-signed by McNamee.

Each item comes with letters of authenticity signed by McNamee who will receive 80% of the proceeds from the auction and says he will use the money to benefit his charity Brian’s Buddies, which fights juvenile diabetes, a conditiion which affects McNamee’s son.

McNamee reportedly also has game used items from Clemens including jerseys, caps and a baseball from the game in which Clemens surpassed Tom Seaver on the all-time strikeout list.